I can provide custom styled Cake Smash photo shoots. These are usually to celebrate a child's 1st Birthday. This is a lovely way to celebrate with your child and you will get some memorable images to last with you and your child forever.

My cake smash package includes the following in the sessions;
 - Photos before the cake smash (prior to getting messy)
 - Cake smash photo shoot - the fun & messy bit!
 - Splash time photo shoot to help clean up and have a bit more fun afterwards
 - The cost of these packages are £150, and for this price includes;
 - The 3 types of photo shoot session (as explained above)
 - A bespoke personalised set-up for each cake smash
 - All outfits
 - All decorations (balloons, pom poms, buntings, props, etc)
 - The cake smash cake handmade by my supplier
 - Password protected on-line viewing gallery
 - 3 fully edited high resolution digital images on disc plus the option to purchase any of the digital packages available on top of these.

I will contact you prior to the shoot to discuss any colours or themes you may want. I can incorporate many different themes or characters into these, so please let me know any ideas you may have. Some ideas I have done / can do are; Football, Nautical, Superhero, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Jungle, Monkeys, Farm, Chef, Cowboy, Cookie Monster, Very Hungry Caterpillar, Mickey / Minnie Mouse, Dinosaurs, Cars, Trains, Fire Engines, Rainbows, Monsters Inc, Pirates, Vintage, Floral, and much more..... Feel free to have a look at further samples of cake smash shoots that I have already done on my Facebook page; www.facebook.com/claireuptonphotography or my website www.claireuptonphotography.co.uk.

All my cake smash cakes are supplied by a local supplier; www.facebook.com/crowncakery.

Cake Smash Photo Session FAQ’s

PLEASE NOTE: I would ask that parents/families do not take photographs of child in my set up/props, as that is what I am there to do.

When is the best time to book a cake smash shoot?

I would advise that you book your cake smash session at the earliest opportunity possible, I always recommend about 2 months in advance to ensure you can get the date you would like, as these are popular session and book up well in advance.


I generally do my cake smash session on week day mornings as this works best with my other shoots and also with my cake maker who is often very busy with wedding bookings at the weekends. We can book them for on their actual birthday if that’s what you would most like, or a day close to their birthday, or if you want them in advance so that you have some photos in time for their birthday then please make me aware of this at the time of booking.

How should I prepare my child for the shoot?

It is often best if your child has experienced eating cake before the cake smash session, so that they find it a bit less bewildering. Also please try to let them experience some messy eating themselves using their fingers so they are comfortable with having mess on them during the shoot.

I would also ask that a maximum of 2 adults observe the photo shoot as there is limited space inside the studio and it makes it hard to shoot with any more people in the studio, it can also be distracting for your child. I ask that if at all possible you come to the shoot with only the birthday child rather than any siblings as well for the same reasons.

What do I need for the session?

There really is very little you will need for the photo shoot. I will have contacted you I advance and we will have agreed on a theme you wish to have and therefore I will have all necessary props ready, this will include outfits unless we have discussed any different beforehand. I also have a towel available for after the splash session so you do not need to bring your own.

Please bring the usual things you take out with you for your child, such as nappies, a drink, etc. It is a good idea to bring any small favourite snacks that your child may have with you too, such as raisins, cheerios, chocolate buttons, then if your child is not showing much interest in the cake we can hide a few of their favourite snacks inside the icing so they start searching for them amongst the cake. If you have any small toys that you know make your child laugh then also feel free to bring these with you.

How long does a cake smash session take?

Cake smash and splash sessions take about an hour with all three parts of the shoot. This is usually an ideal amount of time for each part as they often lose attention very quickly at this age.

At the session

Please do get involved and be ready to be silly and make your child laugh during the session. I will obviously do this too, but as parents you know your child best and know what makes them laugh. So feel free to do any singing, silly dances, or anything like that for your child during the session. Please don’t be embarrassed, I am a mum myself and know that being silly is often the best way to get a child relaxed, smiling and laughing!

Any other questions? 

I hope I have covered everything you would want to know about cake smash and splash photography sessions. Please feel free to ask about anything you are unsure about.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your child’s special first birthday. I look forward to meeting you and your child.